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APTT Meetings

APTT – Academic Parent Teacher Conferences

APTT is a systematic approach to parent-teacher communication that is focused on improving student learning inside and outside of the school.   Every parent will be invited by the classroom teacher to participate in three 75 minute team meetings (all parents in the class are present) and one 30 min individual session (the student, the teacher, and the student’s family). During the APTT meetings teachers share student performance data that are actionable, review grade level foundational skills, and demonstrate concrete activities parents can do at home to help students master those skills. Parents practice the activities with other parents in the class, and each family sets a 60-day academic goal for their student. When parents attend APTT meetings, they go home feeling informed, clear about their role, and committed to improving their child’s learning outcomes.   Frequent contact with parents is vital to the success of all students.. All conferences must be documented on the school’s official form and signed by all participants. (These 3 meetings are very important and we encourage all parents to make note of the dates below when the APTTT meetings are scheduled.)

APTT Meeting dates below:


1.    1st APTT Conference will be completed with each student’s family to share baseline achievement data will be September 22, 2015


2.    2nd APTT Conference will be January 26, 2016 to share student progress.

3.  3rd  APTT Conference will be May 10, 2016 to share student progress.